Sunday, November 28, 2010

Part 3 - More Credibility Issues

           On the morning of the Christine Schultz murder Milwaukee Police Detectives Elfred O. Schultz and his partner Michael Durfee wrote official reports about their shift activities.  Those reports stated that they had been on patrol, stopped to eat, investigated a burglary complaint, and were at the police department when they heard officers being dispatched to the homicide call.

            Several days later, both Detectives were required to write more detailed reports about their activities.  The new reports contained additional details but omitted their true activities.   Since both Detectives had investigated the alleged murder weapon and its connection to Bembenek, and testified in her jury trial, their credibility would have been an important issue.   But their true activities were concealed until it was too late. 

            During Schultz’s trial testimony he finally disclosed that he and Durfee had been to Georgie’s Pub about Detective business.  (SEE EXHIBIT 3.1)  That information destroyed the credibility of both Detectives and the truthfulness of their reports concerning their night’s activities.  But the jury never learned about the conflict between their reported and actual activities.

            On October 29, 1990 Bembenek’s Private Investigator, Ira Robins obtained a sworn Affidavit of George Markopoulos.  (SEE EXHIBIT 3.2)   That Affidavit describes previously undisclosed information about Detectives Schultz and Durfee’s true activities on the night of the murder and Schultz’s connection to Frederick Horenberger.  Horenberger had served time for a prior manslaughter and has long been suspected of being involved in Christine’s murder.  Eight people are on record as claiming that Horenberger had confessed to them that he murdered Christine Schultz.




  1. OMG!!! So there is the PROVE that Schultz has a connection with the very man who has told 8 people that he is the one who murdered Christine?!! And no one questioned this or was allowed as evidence? No wonder Laurie escaped prison - right or wrong, she knew she was fighting for her life, and was being set up and no one was listening! And in fact she was being set up by people in high authority that she couldn't fight alone. Why wasn't this all posted way before she died??

  2. My Mom has always said that Freddy killed Christine. She even tried to contact MPD back when this happened, but no one would listen.

  3. I've got to say, just by reading these few short pages red flags are popping up all over the place. I have never though Ms. Bembenek to be guilty and have always believed Schultz hired someone to do it and frame her. This is horrible and I hope that some day her name is cleared.

  4. Where is Durfee now?

  5. I think he teaches at Milwaukee University.
    He is also a paranoid who believes the government is up to no good with census information so will not fill out any more than number of occupants.


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