Thursday, January 20, 2011

Part 16: The State Will Do Anything To Win!

On October 19, 2010, Investigative Consultant Ira Robins filed a Petition and Complaint seeking a John Doe Judicial Investigation in Dane County.  The following excerpt contains information concerning the criminal acts committed by the State Department of Justice, including Crime Laboratory Personnel and representatives of the Attorney General’s Office:

“Additionally, it provides proof that the same supervisor temporarily changed a state protocol in order to obtain false and misleading opinions from State experts regarding their examination and re-testing of an alleged murder weapon.  In essence, official reports were deliberately created to mislead the court.  At least 2 assistant attorney generals participated in the cover-up of these crimes.

Although this case has gone on for almost three decades, the State Crime laboratory and the Attorney General’s Office, acting under the color of law, have continued to obstruct justice during recent court ordered DNA and ballistics testing. 

Michael J. Camp, Supervisor of the Milwaukee Regional Crime Laboratory, illegally placed a false document in the homicide file to verify the false representation of the district attorney in the recent DNA hearings. 

Additionally, he obtained permission from John Nielson, Crime Laboratory Supervisor, who had received permission from the Director of the State Crime Laboratory to temporarily change official State protocols in order to confuse the court.  The official State protocol clearly states that two Crime Laboratory ballistics experts are required to conduct a ballistics examination and verify the findings of a defense expert.  Since Bembenek’s expert’s opinion was that the murder bullet had not been fired from the alleged murder weapon, written State policy required both state experts to verify that fact.

 In this case, and only this case, and authorized by a temporary change of State protocol, only one State expert re-examined the bullet removed in comparison with the alleged murder weapon.  That expert was then disallowed by State protocol from agreeing with the opinion of “no match” by Bembenek’s expert as he would have had to do without the temporary change.  After he gave his official opinion of “inconclusive” the original protocol was reinstated.  An independent ballistics examiner, not a State employee, also gave the same opinion of “inconclusive” but the only way that the “no match” opinion could be verified was by two State ballistics experts.  State employees had deliberately “rigged” the process to confuse the court and continue to cover-up the truth.  This information was first disclosed to Bembenek on July 28, 2005during the Deposition of Monte Lutz, the original state ballistics expert.  Assistant Attorney Generals Nadim Sahar and Gregory M. Weber aided the State employees with the cover-up.  The aforementioned acts by Attorney Sahar was present at the Lutz deposition and the facts have been previously reported, in writing, to Attorney Weber, Director of the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Criminal Appeals Unit.  This criminal conduct was specifically designed to continue the cover-up that has denied Bembenek justice for years and calls into question the credibility of the Attorney General’s Office and the State Crime Laboratory involving every case it handles.   ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED ACTS CONSTITUTE CONSPIRACY AND MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE.”

Exhibit 16-1 



  1. Ira-I am so glad you are doing this.
    How many followers on this blog?
    Why isnt there more media coverage?

  2. I have repeatedly reported all of the information to the media. However, they have consistently pandered to the District Attorney and refused to report it. As of this time we have 40 followers. Thankz for the comment.

  3. How can I help?I am an average citizen but I do belong to other blogs.
    Have you heard about The Hinky Meter?
    Valhall-the creator is brilliant and she may be a good contact.She may be able to give you a few ideas.
    Just a suggestion.

  4. This whole case just makes me weep. I am so sad for Laurie and for her poor parents. How can the criminals who framed Laurie sleep at night...I will never understand this. I hope Schultz will rot in hell for what he had done to Chris and to Laurie and to all others who had the misfortune to cross his path.

    May Laurie, Laurie's parents, and Christine Schultz rest in peace.


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