Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Part 2 - Retaliation Against The Medical Examiner

During the morning hours of May 28, 1981, Dr. Elaine A. Samuels, the Associate Medical Examiner of Milwaukee County, performed the Autopsy on Christine J. Schultz, who had been murdered a few hours earlier. She collected evidence from the body and determined the cause of death. During Laurie Bembenek’s jury trial she testified that she had collected certain items and that there was no evidence that Schultz had been sexually assaulted at the time of her murder. She based her no sexual assault opinion upon a false report from the Wisconsin Crime Laboratory. (The evidence of that false information and additional proof of wrongdoing will soon be posted on this Blog)

On August 10, 1983, at great personal risk, Dr. Samuels created a letter reporting her concerns about certain irregularities she had noted during the death investigation and subsequent trial. She provided a copy of that letter to Bembenek’s then attorney and Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann. Soon after, Dr. Samuels became the victim of threats, false reports, and negative media stories specifically designed to attack her credibility. The job of Associate Medical Examiner was abolished and Dr. Samuels left humiliated and broken. Not one of over one thousand autopsies she had performed and had testified about was ever re-examined nor any of her testimony ever brought into question. McCann had his conviction of Bembenek and Dr. Samuel’s concerns were apparently irrelevant.


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  1. Wow!!!! I was one of the many in WI at the time, that thought she was innocent, and after reading some of this evidence it really angers me that it appeared the very people were suppose to look up to to protect us, were lying to protect one of their own, from murder...and Laurie was just the handy person to pin it on. And if they weren't legally married, then he shouldn't have been allowed the immunity. So much of this, if would have been allowed, would have painted Laurie completely different to the jury and judge. My heart so goes out to her, and what she had to live thru in her short life.


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