Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Part 6 - On The Trail Of The Motive

      On June 2, 1981, just four days after the Christine Schultz murder, her girlfriend, Dorothy Polka, gave a statement to unknown police officers who had written a report but suspiciously failed to identify themselves on that document. (SEE EXHIBIT 6-1)  The report describes that Christine was …”afraid of her husband, (Milwaukee Detective) Elfred Schultz, due to the fact Elfred Schultz would, at times, display a violent temper.”  Also, “Mrs. Polka personally observed Elfred Schultz slap Christine across the face.”  The report continued, “… that Elfred Schultz was bothering her on occasion, and Christine Schultz told her that she was frightened of her estranged husband, Elfred.” 

      The same police report also states, in part, “photograph which, for some reason or another, Christine Schultz considered risqué, and which the victim refused to show her at that time.”  And that, “…she only mentioned this incident about the photograph due to the fact that if one of those photos was, in some way, embarrassing to Christine, then she felt our Department should be aware of this, in case there might be a connection between the photographs, the photographer, and the death of the victim.”

     Since Christine was afraid of Elfred Schultz, Private Investigator Ira Robins has long believed it only reasonable that Schultz should have been considered a prime suspect in her murder.  The fact that there were nude photographs of him and that it was widely known that there was an internal investigation about his criminal conduct raises the level of suspicion.  Internal Affairs reports, received by Robins, clearly show that Laurie Bembenek had obtained photographs of the nude parties and had initiated the investigation into police misconduct.  Those reports also provide evidence that then District Attorney E. Michael McCann refused to issue any criminal charges requested by Internal Affairs against Schultz.  Instead, he never disclosed that very important defense evidence and assisted Schultz in gaining complete immunity from prosecution.  Schultz then testified, as a credible witness, that Bembenek was the only one with access to his off duty gun.


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