Thursday, December 2, 2010

Part 4 - The Wig

     One major piece of evidence used by the prosecutor, to connect Laurie Bembenek to some hairs allegedly found on Christine Schultz’s body, was a wig.  This wig had allegedly been retrieved from the drain pipe beneath the toilet of the apartment she shared with her husband, Detective Elfred O. Schultz, Jr.  (Part 2 has already described the concerns of Dr. Elaine A Samuels, the Associate Medical Examiner, who performed the autopsy on Christine Schultz and believed that some evidence may have been false)   

     On October 1, 1990, Private Investigator Ira Robins obtained the Sworn Affidavit (SEE EXHIBIT) of Sharon M. Niswonger, who had lived in the apartment adjoining Bembenek’s.  Niswonger’s Affidavit clearly describes the suspicious activities of Judy Zess, a State witness against Bembenek in the jury trial.  Niswonger also stated under oath that she informed the prosecutor but that he never disclosed that information to the jury.  It appears that he never even disclosed that information to Bembenek’s trial attorney.

Exhibit 4.1

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