Friday, January 14, 2011

Part 14: Which Gun Was It?

     On May 28, 1981, Christine J. Schultz was murdered by a single gunshot fired from a gun that was in direct contact with her back.  That shot caused an imprint on her back similar to a hot iron used on a “branded” cow. (Center photo of Exhibit 14 -1) At Laurie Bembenek’s trial, the prosecutor claimed that Detective Elfred Schultz’s off-duty gun (Top photo of Exhibit 14 – 1) was the murder weapon.  Since then, five internationally recognized expert pathologists have determined that Schultz’s off-duty did not make the murder wound, but that the wound had more likely been caused by a weapon such as his on-duty gun (Bottom photo of Exhibit 14 – 1).  Part 7 of this blogspot has already disclosed that unexplained Type “A” blood was found on Schultz’s on-duty gun and that Christine Schultz had Type “A” blood.

     In rebuttal to the five defense pathology experts, Milwaukee County Deputy District Attorney Robert D. Donohoo, obtained a report from a pathologist in Texas who has been reported to have created some “junk science” reports on other unrelated cases.  That report claimed that Schultz’s off-duty gun had made the murder wound on Christine.  However, Donohoo had never given his pathologist the photographs shown in Exhibit 14.  Instead his report reveals that Donohoo only gave him a “similar” gun and not even the murder weapon that the State had in its own custody. 

     Please view Exhibit 14 and decide for yourself which gun caused the wound in Christine Schultz’s back.

Exhibit 14-1


  1. Looks like the gun in the top photo matches perfectly! So who did Fred Schultz give his on-duty gun to that night?

  2. Fred had his on-duty gun on him, as he was ON duty that night. Sooo I've always thought Fred was guilty as hell and the more I read facts on here, the more I'm convinced.


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