Monday, December 12, 2011


On October 19, 2010 Ira Robins filed a formal request for a John Doe Criminal Investigation (along with substantial evidence) into the crimes committed by State Crime Labratory supervisors and the Attorney General during the DNA hearings in the Laurie Bembenek case and 23 others.  They had placed a false document in the murder file to verify the lies told by the Milwaukee County District Attorney and changed the official protocols to obtain false opinions from their ballistic experts. They admitted their criminal acts in sworn deposition. Their actions gave a dishonest advantage to the state and are considered criminal acts under Wisconsin law of Misconduct in Public Office.

The Petition was filed in Dane County (Madison), Wisconsin and the original judge sent it to the District Attorney of that County who by law had 90 days to begin the process and send a report back to the judge.  During that time Robins repeated requested a special prosecutor be appointed as the DA has a working relationship with the people he had named as defendants in the petition.  The judge never appointed a special prosecutor and the DA returned his report 9 days late with the first two pages naming other parties he knows and works with that were involved in the Bembenek case and claiming he had no conflict of interest.  Any legal scholar will tell you he did.  Additionally, he stated he would not conduct a John Doe as Dane County did not have the funds to do so.  In essence he now knows about the cimes commited by the State Crime Labratory, and its lost integrity, but continues to use it to prosecute unsuspecting defendants.

The Dane County judge, apparently realizing his potential conflict, then recused himself from the matter and another judge from Delevan Wisconsin was then appointed.  That judge wrote a 15 page decision that claimed the Petition was filed in the wrong county. He is incorrect.  Legal scholars will also tell you that the law is clear that the judge is plain wrong.  The Attorney General heads the Department of Justice who in turn heads the Crime Labratory.  Since Robins notified the Attorney General about the criminal conduct and he and his underlings are involved in the criminal acts and their offices are in Dane County that is where the John Doe should be conducted.  So, Robins filed an Appeal on the Judges Decision.  As of December 12, 2011 he is still waiting.

Note: The judge is now represented by the Attorney General in the appeal.  That is in itself another conflict of interest.  But when did the Attorney General ever care about ethics or honesty.  Not in the Laurie Bembenek case or the other 23 cases Robins named.  The fix is still on.

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